What is it like to be a part of research?

“The ISLAND Lab was such a fantastic experience for us and our child! The team of researchers were always well-organized and professional. Karina was so great to work with our busy schedule over the exciting early months of parenthood as well. We had a truly wonderful experience and our child had lots of fun playing throughout our visits to the lab! It was exciting to know our participation was helping advance child development research. Such a great time!”

Alexandria and Christian

“"The lab was amazing and Karina welcome me and DJ with a warm, welcome feeling. Karina was fun to be around and also DJ had a lot of fun playing and also she work around my schedule. Thank you again for having me and DJ."


“Mis niños disfrutaron la visita a este Laboratorio Alejandra y su equipo fueron muy profesionales. Nuestra visita fue exclusivamente para con la bebe Monserrat, pero mientras trabajábamos con ella mi esposo y una persona del equipo jugaban en otro cuarto con mis otros niños. El ambiente allí es muy cálido y enriquecedor incluso para una bebe de tan solo 3 meses. Así como también el horario es muy flexible de acuerdo a la situación de cada familia. Gracias Alejandra por esta hermosa experiencia.”


“For most people labs are seen as places for testing and diagnosing which can feel cold and scary. For my family and I, visiting the Brito Baby Lab was a space for playing, learning and having thoughtful conversation with experts in the field of brain development.
There is no other comparable experience to learning about brain development alongside your baby in a warm and friendly environment.
The space transforms a lab into a warm playful and learning environment for both child and parent. Dr. Natalie Brito, Karina and the research team are amazing and encourage conversation and questions. Their sense of humor, kindness and selection of awesome toys made our visits memorable. My son still talks about the the toy dog that sticks out its tongue.

During the activities the team followed my baby’s cues, if they saw she was getting irritable we could take a break, change activities, I could nurse or just hold her until I decided to move forward. It feels incredible to be immersed in the research process and learn more about my child’s brain’s development. I absolutely encourage all parents to participate.”


“My daughter and I loved participating in Brito Baby Lab's study! Everyone was super friendly and helped my little one get used to her surroundings before diving in. They had fun toys and interesting activities and took breaks whenever we needed. Also, they explained what was going on to help us feel comfortable with the different parts of the study. I'm happy we chose to participate in the study and we have some fun pictures to show our little one when she gets older! We definitely recommend participation to all our friends looking for a fun activity and a way to help baby science!”