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ISLAND Lab’s Second Annual Newsletter

We are very excited to present our second annual newsletter. In this edition, we give updates on our current projects, introduce you to our new lab manager, discuss helping kids ease back into in person schooling, highlight our lab alumni and what they are up to now and much more! Thank you so much for participating with us over the years, this newsletter…
September 8, 2021
Child Development

What’s the Most Comforting Smell in the World?

What is the most comforting smell in the world? It’s you, Mama! By Mahima Golani Have you ever wondered why picking up your baby when they’re crying can calm them down almost immediately? Babies need to have their caregivers close because they are signals of safety. Newborns have inbuilt mechanisms that help them rely on their social environment. For example,…
December 14, 2020
Community Engagement

ISLAND Lab’s Annual Newsletter

As summer rolls to an end, we are so excited to present our very first annual newsletter. In this first edition, we introduce you to our lab, give updates on our projects over the years, provide an article on promoting bilingualism within the household, and discuss the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on our research and parenting. This newsletter would…
August 31, 2020
Community Engagement

COVID-19 and Perinatal Experiences (COPE) Study Infographic

Over the last several months, the ISLAND Lab and the BabyBees collaborative have been collecting data on the impact of COVID-19 for NYC families. Our focus is to investigate maternal mental health as well as infant outcomes. Through answering surveys, our participants (N=679) have provided valuable information showcasing coping mechanisms and challenges they’ve experienced due to this global pandemic.  We…
August 21, 2020